Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mixtape Jumpoff-H.U.S.H. According To Schedule

Yo this family all around Dj Cocoa Chanelle hosting You wanted bars! I bring you my homie Hush str8 out of Bedstuy where the bestest mcees are born bread and raged lyricaly...mad word play...Yo quick story when MTV had there first freestyle battle showcase the hood came out so hard that day I mean every mcee in new york was out there (true story) every corner surrounding MTV had freestyle cyphers poppin they had to shut it they didn't so what we do stayed out there on the corner freestyling all morning until the cops pushed us off the block. At that time I use to carry a radio every where I went so I had my radio that day my homie Hush captivated a crowd around my radio and he spitted until the batteries died.... no lie.

Download:H.U.S.H. According To Schedule

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