Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Whiteowl Drop That 167

Here we go with more heat comming your way...fire!

Download:DJ Whiteowl Drop That 167

Mixtape Jumpoff-JadaKiss I Love You (A Dedication to My Fans)

This goes out to my real hip hop fans from the 90's after biggie and pac died and we was wondering who was gonna take over hip hop and hold it down thru out all these years Jadakiss brings you I Love You(A dedication to My fans)....

Download:JadaKiss I Love You(A dedication to my fans)

Mixtape Jumpoff-Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals 24

Heres more beats for the streets...

Download:Coast 2 Coast instrumentals 24

Mixtape Jumpoff-Jim Jones Harlem Heist Part 2

Keeping it Dip Set with another one Jim Jones brings you heat that it takes four dj's to mix his shit down...yurrr!

Download:Jim Jones Harlem Heist part 2

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mixtape Jumpoff-Jr Writer Duke da God Still Standing 2

For those who love punch lines Jr Writer got you wiith Still Standing 2. This mixtape title stemmed from him being shot a couple of years ago...Duke Da God with the co sign..

Download:Jr Writer Duke Da God Still Standing 2

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mixtape Jumpoff-Whiteowl Drop That 166

I don't usually post Whiteowl mixtapes unless its hot so when Copa drop that cop that....

Download:Whiteowl Drop That 166

Mixtape Jumpoff-Sean Price Fuck Outta Here

Some more real hip hop not generated to the main stream public so you too can feel like you the only one who gots it Sean Price Duck Down Fuckers!

Mixtape Jumpoff-Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals Vol. 23

I can't leave my mcees hanging without beats so here you go...

Download:Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals Vol. 23

Mixtape Jumpoff-Tyler The Creator Tyler Fucks Cows

This mixtape is sick so parental advisory...for those who ain't up on Tyler The Creator need to download this mixtape and get familiar he got a album out called the Goblin so after you inject your mind with this mixtape check it out....

Download:Tyler The Creator Tyler Fucks Cows

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mixtape Jumpoff-Wiz Khalifa Swageezy 3 The Rolling Edition

If you ain't up on Wiz you need to download this...if you are then add to your collection

Download:Wiz Khalifa Swageezy 3 The Rolling Edition

Mixtape Jumpoff-J.Armz How To Be An Mc 70

If you looking for beats I got you...

Download:J.Armz How To Be An Mc 70

Mixtape Jumpoff-Curren$y Alchemist Covert Coup

What up yall...yes its been a while but I'm back with heat st8 from Florida...heres some new Curren$y..if ya didn't know Curren$y was young money's first artist...he currently ain't with young money but his rap skillz is well reconized.