Sunday, April 29, 2012

Movie: Think Like A Man

This movie been out for a week so far with rave reviews, it made over 12mil its first weekend and now master beat theatre is bringing you the bootleg yur!

Watch:Think Like A Man

Mixtape Jumpoff-The Lower Class Garage Sale

This is some new eclectic beats by The Lower Class a fresh young group from Texas. These are all instrumentals but if you hip hop I can hear a lot of samples comming from these guys.

Download:The Lower Class Garage Sale

Mixtape Jumpoff-Thelonious Martin Colors

New instrumental cd by Thelonius Martin its all about colors.

Download:Thelonious Martin Colors

Mixtape Jumpoff-JadaKiss Consignment

New Jada Kiss...this should be an album

Download:JadaKiss Consignment

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lamborghini Suv vs. Bentley Suv

You already know when it comes to luxury Bentley got it on lock and when it comes to speed and performance Lamborghini can't be touched, so when it come down to which one is your favorite. These are 2012 suv's so do  your research on both I'll let you decide.

Mixtape Jumpoff-Smokefest Vol. 9

I know I haven't been online posting as much as I should be but I try and catch up everytime I get on... in honor of 420 get your smoke on to this one...

Download:Smokefest 9

Mixtape Jumpoff-Coke Boys 3

The Empire strikes back with this one French Montana recently signed to Bad Boys is still repping Coke Boys for the streets with the whole crew support the movement and download biaches!

Download:Coke Boys 3

Mixtape Jumpoff=Got Instrumentals? 36: Kush Edition

The djs you love to hate Don Cannon and Superstar Jay has done it again putting together the illest tracks out right now on one mixtape you gotta download this.

Download:Got Instrumentals? 36: Kush Edition

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mixtape Jumpoff-Soul Food Sundays Volume 3

Its always good to hear a good mix of music you love..tracklist is official trust me...


Coachella 2012:Rihanna

Just a few pix of Thug Wife aka Rihanna

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mixtape Jumpoff-Jahlil Beats Liven Legendz

Its so crazy on my end making it happen but I didn't forget about the beats for all you fiends who want to get it poppin...back on the board once again.