Friday, December 27, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff- Southern Hospitality DJ Mustard's "Best OF 2013 Mix

I been missing out on a lot of mixtapes and exclusives so to make up for it Happy Holidays heres the best of Dj Mustard 2013 enjoy.

Download: Southern Hospitality DJ Mustard Best OF 2013 Mix

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Game OKE (Operation Kill Everything)

If the Game ain't on your local tube he's in your local streets getting bumped in the trunk.

Download:Game OKE

Mixtape Jumpoff-Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw

Taking it to the west side with this one too Nipsey Hussle with a well long awaited mixtape...enjoy

Download:Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ep-Mayhem Lauren Raw Cashmere

This is my homie Mayhem Lauren new EP coming out of Chopped Herring Records support real hip hop they got the ITunes link and Vinyl link ships out of France get you official copy today.

Download ITunes:Mayhem Lauren Raw Cashmere

Buy Ep Vinyl:Mayhem Lauren Raw Cashmere

Mixtape Jumpoff-AG DA Coroner-Crushed Grapes

If you looking for some raw underground hip hop download this Crushed Grapes.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Gyptian Sex, Love, and Reggae

If you still need a lil reggae3 in your life Gyptian brings you Sex, Love and Reggae I hope you like.

Download:Gyptian Sex, Love, and Reggae

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Fix Back Dancehall 2013

In tradition of Labor Day and the island vibes here we go with the latest dance hall for 2013 mixed by Selecta Jiggy and Dj StarBoi.

Download:Fix Back Dancehall 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff- Jhene Aiko Unreleased

On that soul tip here we go with some Jhene' Aiko unreleased tracks just to help you keep up with her and even if you sample happy do your thing tracks are mastered.

Download:Jhene' Aiko Unreleased

Mixtape Jumpoff- Dj Get It Rite Mixtape For Dummies

Its only right Heavy Hitters Dj Get It Rite brining you the heat from the streets.

Download: Dj Get It Rite Mixtape For Dummies

Mixtape Jumpoff- Dedication 5 instrumentals

If you looking for beats Master Beat Theatre got you...

Download: Dedication 5 Instrumentals

Mixtape Jumpoff-Got Instrumentals? 47

As you know Got Instrumentals always puts out that heat but this one is more for your4 listening pleasure... freestyle addict will still tear up each and every one of these beats.

Download: Got Instrumentals? 47

Mixtape Jumpoff-Lil Wayne Dedication 5

All this heat Master Beat Theatre is bringing you only gets better with Lil Wayne's Dedication 5.

Download:Lil Wayne Dedication 5

Mixtape Jumpoff-Yo Gotti Nov. 19th

Keeping it gangsta here goes the prequel to Yo Gotti's album dropping Nov. 19th.

Download:Yo Gotti Nov. 19th

Mixtape Jumpoff-Fat Joe The Darkside 3

If you know or don't know Fat Joe just came home from jail ready to put that heat on you with The Darkside 3.

Download:Fat Joe The Darkside 3

Mixtape Jumpoff-Jim Jones Vampire Life 3

Lets keep it in Harlem Jim Jones brings you the third installment of Vampire Life if you know anything about the first two Vampire Life then you know what to expect straight hustling music.

Download-Jim Jones Vampire Life 3.

Mixtape Jumpoff- Hell Rell The Meyer Lansky Project

Some new music from the big homie Hell Rell...Harlem stand up!

Download:Hell Rell The Meyer Lansky Preject

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Vado Slime Flu 4

Harlem back at it with Vado bring you Slime Flu 4...

Download:Vado Slime Flu 4

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Whiteowl Street Kings (Jada Kiss Edition)

The new Best of Jada Kiss produced by Dj Whiteowl.

Download:Dj Whiteowl Street Kings Jada Kiss Edition

Mixtape Jumpoff-Got instrumentals? 46

Some industry beats brought to you by Got Instrumentals? produced by Dj Reddy Rell...enjoy.

Download:Got Instrumentals ? 46

Mixtape Jumpoff-Hipstrumentals #summertide

More #summertide beats for you to write some original verses.


Mixtape Jumpoff-Black Milk Synth or Soul Album

Here's some Black Milk for your cereal I mean rhymes this dropped in April but I was so busy doing me now here's your chance to support a ill producer/mcee on the beat...

Live Stream:Black Milk Synth or Soul Album

Buy:Black Milk Synth or Soul

Mixtape Jumpoff-Big K.R.I.T. 4EvaNaDay Instrumental Album

Its so nice to have Hip Hop in my life when Big K.R.I.T. drops a instrumental album of 4evaNaDay...if you feel your rhymes are nastier then K.R.I.T.'s drop a copy of the track to Miss Peas on her twitter maybe you can get put on...

Download:Big K.R.I.T. 4evaNaDay instrumental Album

Free Ep-14k Lincoln Lux Test Drive

Its just some more Hip Hop maybe you can find a beat from Lincoln Lux before 14k Lp drops in September...the digging is good.

Download:Lincoln Lux Test Drive

Mixtape Jumpoff-King I Divine Reign Showers Instrumental Tape

I'm in a hip hop dream and its raining all I hear is beats coming from King I Divine here's his latest beat tape enjoy.

Download:King I Divine Reign Showers

Friday, August 9, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Sheila D. The Kamikaze come-up

Female Mcees are hard to come by but Sheila D. can hang with the best of them production is tight and rhymes sound right play this shit in your ride ladies and go crazy!

Download:Sheila D. Kamikaze Come-Up

Mixtape Jumpoff- Stalley Honest Cowboy

The square root of MMG Stalley brings you some hip hop with features you won't see on any album because the label don't think your ears are prepared so heres a mixtape suckas!

Download:Stalley Honest Cowboy

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Young Dooby Under The Influence

Some new music from my homie Big B's Young Dooby...showing you a style UTI.

Download:Young Dooby Under The Influence

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EP-WIllie The Kid x Alchemist Master Piece Theatre

New Ep with Alchemist on the boards and Willie in the booth...$5 download

Purchase: Master Piece Theatre

Mixtape Jumpoff-Lord Wolfgang (Bobby Creekwater Mixtape) 2

What you know about Bobby Creekwater?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Cripla Instrumentals

On some smoothed out instrumentals Cripla brings you some originals ready for bars and hooks certified...enjoy.

Download:Cripla Instrumentals

Mixtape Jumpoff-We Let Yall Dwon Instrumentals

The cover looks like Hip Hop mug shots of producers locked in the game...but this mixtape instrumentals are from producers who ain't Custom Made Deejay Quality and Serious Beats.

Download:We Let Yall Down Instrumentals

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Reddy Rell Hip Hop TXL vol. 13

Here we go with some exclusives from Dj Reddy Rell

Download:Dj Reddy Rell Hip Hop TXL vol. 13

Mixtape Jumpoff-Charlie Brown Beatz Unreleased Instrumentals

New Unreleased Beats by my boy Charlie Brown...enjoy

Download:Charlie Brown Beatz Unreleased Instrumentals

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Boy Wonda Tough Love 13

New R&B for you ears to list...enjoy

Download:Dj Boy Wonda Tough Love

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Paintings: by Lora Zombie

Queen of The Week- India Love Westbrooks

For those who don't know I usually post a Queen of the week I haven't in awhile because I haven't been on like that but heres a Queen India Love Westbrooks a Obey model and ceritified B-Girl...check out here tumblr or follower on twitter

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Pezey Krack:Samples & 808s

Some original beats by Pezey Krack...very open to samples and the 808 kicks are what you kick bars impressed...listen and you will be to.

Download:Pezey Krack:Samples & 808s

Mixtape Jumpoff-Malik on the beat:No Life 2 instrumental Album

Malik on the beat with these nice laid back tracks...enjoy

Download:Malik on the beat:No Life 2