Monday, July 30, 2012

Movie:The Last Dragon

Taking it back to 1985 one of my childhood favorites The Last Dragon...

Watch:The Last Dragon

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Do You Tumblr?

If you have registered accounts in twitter, facebook, myspace and instagram and you don't have a tumblr then get to it....I have one but just can't get to use it as much but heres links to 2 of my favorite tumblrs

Link:Its Just D.R.U.G.S.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movie:2 Days In New York

A more lay back funny movie to enjoy with wifey...yur!

Watch:2 Days In New York

Teyana Taylor

Blue lips like kissing smurfette....

Gear-Clark's Wallabee Boots

Look out for Clark's Wallabee boots dropping in the fall perfect time for the season.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gear-Hennessy Crooks&Castles

Look out for the Hennessy Crooks&Castles gear limited edition follow @hennessyus and look for the #wildrabbit tweet at 3:30pm for your chance to win Henny &Crook limited gear.

Mixtape Jumpoff-OG Ron C X Channel Purple

To keep in the spirit of Houston OG Ron C chops and screws Channel Orange...check it out.

Download:OG Ron C X Channel Purple

Mixtape Jumpoff-Jahlil Beats Legend Music

New beats by the man Jahlil Beats...

Download:Jahlil Beats Legend Music

Mixtape Jumpoff-DJ Whiteowl Drop That part 203

New exclusive hip hop from the streets for the streets....

Download:Dj Whiteowl Drop That Part 203

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Movie:Mac and Devin Go To High School

This movie is for smokers only...

Watch:Mac and Devin Go To High School

Mixtape Jumpoff-Childish Gambino Royalty

Yea if you don't know about Childish Gambino then get familar...this one is str8 fire with official features Bun B, Rza, Ghostface Killah just to name a few...all original beats production is tight...yes sir a mixtape....

Download:Childish Gambino Royalty

Mixtape Jumpoff-H.U.S.H. According To Schedule

Yo this family all around Dj Cocoa Chanelle hosting You wanted bars! I bring you my homie Hush str8 out of Bedstuy where the bestest mcees are born bread and raged lyricaly...mad word play...Yo quick story when MTV had there first freestyle battle showcase the hood came out so hard that day I mean every mcee in new york was out there (true story) every corner surrounding MTV had freestyle cyphers poppin they had to shut it they didn't so what we do stayed out there on the corner freestyling all morning until the cops pushed us off the block. At that time I use to carry a radio every where I went so I had my radio that day my homie Hush captivated a crowd around my radio and he spitted until the batteries died.... no lie.

Download:H.U.S.H. According To Schedule

Mixtape Jumpoff-Got Instrumentals? 38 Summer Jam

I know you need some beats so here we go and Evil Empire come together on this one so selection is tight and no for sale beats.

Download:Got Instrumentals? 38 Summer Jam

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Video:Overdoz.- Lauren London

Yea this video just brings out the b-boy in me and shows that hip hop is still alive when you got a group like The Dest to get there money up to put together a righteous video like this one..good job!

EP-Curren$y X Harry Fraud Cigarette Boats

Its only right we post the latest from Spitta with beats by Harry Fraud and special guess features to keep you listening download and find out for yourself.

Download:Curren$y X Harry Fraud Cigarette Boats

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mixtape Jumpoff-Honey Cocaine 90's Gold

New mixtape featuring Honey Cocaine fly asian mami with mad flow bringing you back to the 90's with this one official ride out music with you boo or shawty get your copy.

Download:Honey Cocaine 90's Gold

Monday, July 2, 2012

Album:Mayhem Lauren Respect The Fly Shit

Str8 to you from the underground streets of NY my homie Mayhem Lauren true Lo Life brings you a free album with hot beats official exclusives just something to pump in the whip all summer long so make it happen and download this fly shit yaheard!

Download:Mayhem Lauren Respect The Fly Shit