Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cormega "Born and Raised"

"lifes a b*tch that Ima take on an exspensive vacation"

Its Queens Bridge finest putting in work on his new lp called "Born and Raised" comming out october 20th. With tracks produced by Premo and features by khadafi, Marly Marl just to name a few this is bound to be a hip hop classic. I hope there a secret track.
This Link is Maybach freestyle by Cormega


If you didn't know or just didn't noticed King magazine is out of business. No more sexy covers of celebrity pin ups or hot topics to keep your bathroom visits more exciting. I see the last two covers to hit the shelves made me want more. You can blame it on the reccession or just not being government funded. If you haven't got the lastest copies you probably wont becuase there OUT OF BUSINESS. But since we all about hip hop don't stop I will glady give you hottie of the week starting every friday just to give you the heads up on whos the Queen to be ladies and what kind of Queen every King needs by his side or just a pin up in the bathroom juno!

"Crime Pays In Mad Ways"

Fat Shouts to the whole Wu Tang Fam!

I been a Wu Tang Fan since 1992 my first doubles was "Protect Your Neck". To hear that Raekwon sold more then Jay-Z his first week blew my mind I mean I whoa! Congradulations. I was at the " Immobalarity" signing at the Wiz. I mean I walked to Fat Beats got a vinyl copy and walked back to the Wiz for him to sign it but to hear and see "Only Built For Cuban Links 2" do that well amazed me. Just when you think hip hop lost its boost Wu Tang to the rescue.
This link is for "Criminology 2" Raekwon featuring Ghostface Killah

R.I.P. The Late Great Grand Master Roc Raida

Anthony "DJ Roc Raida" Williams 1972-2009

I first met Roc Raida at the old Fat Beats him and the X-Men were doing a photo shoot for a vhs they were putting out. I was 16 at the time cutting school to buy records before anybody else got to them. To meet my deejay hero and to get autographs it was the time of my life. We were chopping it up and mixing even Joe the owner of Fat Beats got in to it. The thing I notices most about Roc was his humblness and all he told me was to keep practicing. It was a tragic lost for hip hop september 19, 2009 when Roc Raida died from a cardiac arrest. A tribute benifet was held at the Electric Pickle to honor this pioneer of turntablism. If you missed it you can always be true to the game and purchase some of his lastest works of art out in your local hip hop stores or web links.


Real Hip Hop from the forth comming album ep produced by JS-1 is finally out in your local hip hop stores or web links now. The album is a multi music collaberation of all the hip hop greats like Kool Keith, Canibus, KRS-1 and many more. If you are lucky to get a copy its comes fully packed with vinyl and instrumental serato cd. Run out and get your copy!

This link is to the song "Brainbender" feathuring Kool Keith, Canibus, Prince Po, Ced Gee, Rahzel

Eat, Sleep Hip Hop

Hip hop was created with original material Master Beat Theatre will bring you all original material from music, movies, fashion and lifestyle straight to your pc pocket pc and mobile device. The creater Copasetic a long time B-Boy from the streets of New York will keep you posted on all his hip hop friends and celebrities new music features and up comming shows. Its a big world and Master Beat Theatre wants to cover everything real hip hop true in its art form deejaying dancing grafitti and cant forget rapping frm the best that ever did it and the people that are living it.