Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Queen Of The Week Amber Rose

Amber Rose aka Miss Santa Claus because she is so gifted. Queen Of The Week Kanye West's trophy girl Amber been all over the media just for looking fly. She also been highlighted in numerous magazines and covers the latest issue of Vibe check it out at

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GQ's Top 10 Girls Of The Decade

I totally agree with this list all the girls on this list have made the GQ cover which is hard to do male or female...check out the link

Top 10 Girls of The Decade

The Top 100 Movies Of The Decade

I love watching movies and this list is gonna help me catch up on my movies I missed...check out the link

Top 100 Movies Of The Decade

MTV's Top 100 Songs Of The Decade

This list assists on its self because most of these songs are major label songs and only major labels keep a tight book on its might be surprised if you favorite hip hop song or freestyle didnt make it. check out the link

Top 100 Songs of the Decade

Top 10 Hip Hop Albums Of The Decade

As hip hop advocate I don't agree with this listing but what can you do when a great album doesn't sell or get blog it juno!...check the link

Top Ten Hip Hop Albums Of the Decade

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Relaunch Of King Magazine

And Guess who's on the cover..yup Rosa Acosta. This big relaunch will bring back all the great news, articles and photos King Magazine has to offer look for it wherever you purchase your gas or lotto tickets juno!

Mixtape Jumpoff-New Music Cartel & Dj Big Mike Presents The Big Splash Effect

A big dog in this game Big Splash of has put out another mix cd featuring Dj Big Mike. For those who don't know of just don't remember Big Splash use to talk on Dj Clue's mixtapes back in the day. I grew up listening to Clue's mixtapes but who didn't...big ups Splash you doin your thang thang.

The Big Splash Effect-New Music Cartel & Dj Big Mike

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Queen Of The Week Kelis

Not only is she a 5 Star Chick she is also Nas's wifey we gonna make Kelis Queen Of The Week she been going through it after recently having a babyboy and not to mention people jacking her style she is also back in the studio working on some hits so look out. Mafia!

LaLa vs Everybody



Mixtape Jumpoff-Scratchin The Surface Sav Killz

New mixtape out by my ninja Sav Killz called Scratchin The dowload Real Hip Hop for your ears straight from Brooklyn.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Twilight- Leona Lewis

I know this ain't hip hop but even hip hop fans can appreciate a good album. Check it out Leona Lewis Twilight.

Twilight-Leona Lewis

Mixtape Jumpoff-Decade in Violator Scrap Dirty & Dj Supa

Violator Records for the last 20 years has always supplied the management and hits for the hip hop industry now the Violators All Star Dj's presents Decade In Violator a compilation of the last 10 years of Violator's music. Checkout the free download link.

Violators Decade In Violator-Scrap Dirty & Dj supa

State Of Emergency-Bill Cosby

State Of Emergency is Dr. Bill Cosby's latest project to stimulate your mind and soul. Presenting The Cosnarti State Of Emergency will educate young and old school hip hop heads on values. Check it out at

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Queen Of The Week Beyonce

Sasha Fierce Beyonce Knowles Queen Of The Week nominated for 10 grammys not to mention all she does of the industry having her own clothing line House Of Dereon and wifed up to the illest mc in the hip hop game she does it all...what up B!

Message From The Other Side-Ol Dirty Bastrard

OUT NOW OUT NOW!!! Message From The Other Side cop it at your local hip hop store or itunes store.....Rest In Peace The Late Great Ol Dirty Bastard

Friday, December 4, 2009

Boondocks Saints 2 All Saints Day

I was just put on by this movie last night by one of my peers at work. Its a 1999 sequel of Boondocks Saints and they have a whole indie cult following. Written and directed by Troy Duffy staring Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery its a tale of two Irish brothers who go to church and make a life out of killing big time gangstas in the name of the lord. Something worth seeing movie appeared in indie theaters October 30th but you will beable to see it in major theaters in late December. If you get a chance checkout Boondocks Saints the original first. peace thanks Neil yurrrr!

Boondocks Saints 2 All Saints Day Trailer

Bad Girls Club Season 4

This is my shorty Shady's(love you boo) favorite show. I know its like season 4 it took me 4 seasons to finally watch one episode but I could see why she likes it. Mad Drama! New episodes show every Tuesday 8pm est. on the Oxygen network and rerun every Friday 5pm on Oxygen. Check it out.

Keep Up

Mixtape Jumpoff E True Hollywood Story Mixtape-Blind Fury

This young dude out the south Blind Fury I dont know exactly where but Goergia is a talent monster he cant dance or nothing but he can spit freestyle and sing and play the piano amongst other things like roll a tight blunt. I had a chance to do shows with him in Brooklyn 5spot(What Up!) hes a mad cool individual with alot to offer the game but hes always been down with me and does wonderful things for the community. Right now his mixtape E True Hollywood Story is out and heres a free download from

E True Hollywood Story Mixtape-Blind Fury

Just In Case You Didn't Hear


(New York, NY, December 2, 2009) – Clear Channel Radio New York’s Power 105.1 (WWPR-FM), R&B, Hip Hop and Back in the Day Joints, is pleased to announce that Malikha Mallette will move to co-host on “The Ed Lover Show”, 5:30-9:30am and DJ Envy is Power 105.1’s new afternoon personality, 2-6pm weekdays.