Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Cripla Instrumentals

On some smoothed out instrumentals Cripla brings you some originals ready for bars and hooks certified...enjoy.

Download:Cripla Instrumentals

Mixtape Jumpoff-We Let Yall Dwon Instrumentals

The cover looks like Hip Hop mug shots of producers locked in the game...but this mixtape instrumentals are from producers who ain't Custom Made Deejay Quality and Serious Beats.

Download:We Let Yall Down Instrumentals

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Reddy Rell Hip Hop TXL vol. 13

Here we go with some exclusives from Dj Reddy Rell

Download:Dj Reddy Rell Hip Hop TXL vol. 13

Mixtape Jumpoff-Charlie Brown Beatz Unreleased Instrumentals

New Unreleased Beats by my boy Charlie Brown...enjoy

Download:Charlie Brown Beatz Unreleased Instrumentals

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Boy Wonda Tough Love 13

New R&B for you ears to list...enjoy

Download:Dj Boy Wonda Tough Love

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Paintings: by Lora Zombie

Queen of The Week- India Love Westbrooks

For those who don't know I usually post a Queen of the week I haven't in awhile because I haven't been on like that but heres a Queen India Love Westbrooks a Obey model and ceritified B-Girl...check out here tumblr or follower on twitter

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mixtape Jumpoff-Pezey Krack:Samples & 808s

Some original beats by Pezey Krack...very open to samples and the 808 kicks are what you kick bars impressed...listen and you will be to.

Download:Pezey Krack:Samples & 808s

Mixtape Jumpoff-Malik on the beat:No Life 2 instrumental Album

Malik on the beat with these nice laid back tracks...enjoy

Download:Malik on the beat:No Life 2

Mixtape Jumpoff-Only100beatz

Yea all these beats im posting somebody gonna make a mixtape off this shit mad beats...go crazy!


Mixtape Jumpoff-Coast2Coast Instrumentals 47

Here are some industy beats for your ass...

Download:Coast2Coast Instrumentals 47

Mixtape Jumpoff-Risk Productions-Diamond Cuttz Instrumentals

more and more Beats this time they're by Diamond Cuttz..enjoy

Download:Diamond Cuttz Instrumentals

Mixtape Jumpoff-2013 Dancehall Basement Mix

Hope you guys and girls having a good summer if you are then add this to your next party!

Download:2013 Dancehall Basement Mix

Mixtape Jumpoff-Ratchet Bitches

For all my Ratchet Bitches..ladies turn this up before you get to the club and on the way home.

Download:Ratchet Bitches

Mixtape Jumpoff-Freestyle Massacre

To many freestyles to mention them all but Az, JR Writer, Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar just to name a few...check it out real hip hop here.

Download:Freestyle Massacre

Mixtape Jumpoff-Action Bronson: Ken Caminiti

If you know about Action Bronson he from my hood Queens and he'll lyrically sumo wrestle a track.

Download:Action Bronson:Ken Caminiti

Mixtape Jumpoff-Lost Tracks

These are lost tracks from Chance The Rapper and including everybody he down feels dope just listen.

Download:Lost Tracks

Mixtape Jumpoff-Noco :The Assortment Beat Tape

Heres abother no name producer by the name of Noco...he got some bangers rappers if you can find a producer to enhance these beats with a hook or something do you all Noco want is credit.

Download:http:Noco: The Assorment Beat Tape

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dolo Beatz Instrumentals

These beats are all by Dolo Deko...they gotta be at least one beat in this pack you like...I know I found like 3...enjoy

Download:Dolo Beatz

Mixtape Jumpoff-Digital Dynasty 25 hosted by Cappadonna

Yea I only post mixtapes that I and my followers would like to listen to...and I haven't heard Cappadonna in awhile plus the playlist is long as fuck...enjoy

Download:Digital Dynasty 25

Mixtape Jumpoff-Mafia Music 2 Instrumentals

ok we got some @seriousbeats and @robbieanthems (wow I like that).

Download:Mafia Music 2

Mixtape Jumpoff-Got Instrumentals? 44

I been moving my studio from New York to Florida haven't posted in here I go

Download:Got Instrumentals? 44