Friday, July 29, 2011

Movie-Reservoir Dogs

Classic Taratino movie to forefill your gangsta needs....

Watch:Reservoir Dogs

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Whiteowl Drop That 174

This cd should hold you down for at least a enjoy the heat comming thru your speakers...

Download:Whiteowl Drop That 174

Mixtape Jumpoff-Jim Jones Jimmy Capo

Straight heat comming from Harlems capo...

Download:Jim Jones Jimmy Capo

Mixtape Jumpoff-Smokefest 3

If you smoking play this....

Download:Smokefest 3

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Whoo Kid Dj Scream Sen City Til The Lights Turn Out Vol. 2

From the Dipset camp 730 Birdgang Sen City some real hip hop vocals over smooth melodies make you wanna grind to..

Mixtape Jumpoff-Kanye West The Good Ruler

If you need some Kanye in your life....

Download:Kanye West The Good Ruler

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mixtape Jumpoff-Heat Instrumentals 5

Heres some more industry beats to rock to....

Download:Heat Instrumentals 5

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mixtape Jumpoff-Lil Wayne Sorry 4 the Wait

The prelude to the Carter 4...heres some industry remixes from Tunechi...

Download:Lil Wayne Sorry 4 the Wait

Mixtape Jumpoff-Frank Ocean vs. Masspike Miles Sneaker Warz

Here we go with some heat comming from two hip hop singers mixed together by dj Samsneaker...this mixtape is hot!

Download:Frank Ocean vs Masspike Miles Sneaker Warz

Movie: Black Dynamite

Just posting up some recent classics...

Watch:Black Dynamite

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drake-Marvin's Room

#YMCMB when they say Marvin they mean Marvin Gaye...

Va$htie in them Jordan Melo7 Advance

Keeping it NYC going crazy without you Va$htie in them new Jordan Melo7 Advance we going hard this year Knicks.

Mixtape Jumpoff-Cory Gunz Son Of A Gun

Lets keep it new york cash money young money making hitz in the 2k and beyond its only right we gotta post up Cory Gunz son of a Gunz Peter Gunz Uptown Bosses...

Download:Cory Gunz Son of a Gun

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Holiday Gucci Mane Writings On The Wall 2

Gucci Mane is another rap icon to be locked up with a mixtape out Writings On The Wall and this has nothing to do with grafitti.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Drama Young Jeezy The Real Is Back Gangtsa Grillz Edition

Keep your trunk thumpin with this one from Young Jeezy and Dj Drama hooking you up with exclusives...

Mixtape Jumpoff-Whiteowl Drop That 169

New you already know!

Download:Whiteowl Drop That 169

Mixtape Jumpoff-D-Block L.O.X.

For those who love L.O.X. and what they stand for download this mixtape of new exclusives...

Download:D-Block L.O.X.

Mixtape Jumpoff-Got Instrumentals? 27 90's Edition

Keeping up with more hot beats heres Got Instrumentals? 90's Edition for all you mcees download this one...

Download:Got Instrumentals? 27 90's Edition

Mixtape Jumpoff-Got Instrumentals? Lex Luger Edition

This is some more heat comming from the library beats from super producer Lex Luger. For thos who never heard of Lex Luger then you don't read credits becuase hes done hits for all your favorite rappers...check it out

Download:Got Instrumentals? Lex Luger Edition

Mixtape Jumpoff-Mick Boogie & Dj Jazzy Jeff Summertime 2

Here we go with some summertime bangers from back in the day that will put your bar b que in a head knodding and booty shaking feeling Mick Boogie and Dj Jazzy Jeff put together another classic mixtape stemming from last years collaberation and what else can I say its hot...

Download:Mick Boogie & Dj Jazzy Jeff Summertime 2

Thanks McGeeks!

I would like to thank McGeeks for fixing my laptop one of the reasons I haven't been posting any mixtapes but I'm back online so here comes the storm of hip hop music you been missing.

If you live in Virgina in the Hamptons area McGeeks will hook you up they do house calls and free consulting so reach out to him for any help you need check it out