Monday, August 30, 2010

Mixtape Jumpoff- Dj Green Lantern Invasion Radio 2k10

Heres for all you Green Lantern if you listen to sirius xm radio then you know Green Lantern brings exclusives.

Download:Dj Green lantern Invasion Radio 2k10

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mixtape Jumpoff-Vado Large On The Streets Part 2

This is one of my favorite new artist out of Harlem. For those who know Vado is part of U.N. not Dipset, though he fucks with Cam'ron his style is Large On The Streets now he brings you part 2.

Mixtape Jumpoff- Dj Kay Slay The God Is Back

This is a great comeback from my big homie Dj Kay Slay with all the hardest artist in the game put together to make you bop your head The God Is Back!

Download:Dj Kay Slay The God Is Back

Mixtape Jumpoff-The ILLZ In Between Video Series

This is what Master Beat Theatre is all about dope music from eclectic artist. This mixtape In Between Video Series is by Illz, it has great production and a twist of blues with a hip hop effect. check it out.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Message Behind Kanye West "POWER"

This might be the hardest hip hop track to this day made by the man Kanye West "POWER". Its deep if you a real hip hop head to see Kanye blow up from the 90's working under his big brother Jay-Z and signing to the Roc and now world renown. To see a man like Kanye West to have everything but to have lost everything like his mother (may she rest in peace) to the game, some wonder did Kanye really sell his soul to Illumanati. Some say he did and with youtube videos posted of subliminal messages behind Kanye's music and persana. In his latest work of art supposely dropping soon with his hit single "POWER" one can say Kanye holds a lot. peep the video link of "POWER"

Mixtape Jumpoff- Curt@!n$ The Dissertation

For those who slept on this mixtape...WAKE UP! Its like Curt@!n$ is missing member of wu tang. If you like real hip hop you will enjoy this mixtape check it out.
Download: The Dissertation

Big Money Rustlas

Its Been a long week and we all know by now what happened at the Juggalo gathering but with all that comotion, hatred and decite and 10 years in the making the movie Big Money Rustlas is finaly on dvd or netflix...everybody got netflix now a days. I perfer you get the dvd it has extra features for juggalos to get down too feel me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mixtape Jumpoff-Mac Miller K.I.D.S

This kid is dope fresh hip hop for 2010...Mac Miller showing you what hip hop is in his new mixtape K.I.D.S (kicking incredibly dope shit). check it out.

Download: Mac Miller K.I.D.S.

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Holiday Gucci Mane Jewelry Selection


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mixtape Jumpoff-Dj Young C The Ways Of The Underground

Heres a hot underground mixtape put together by my main homme Dj Young C with exclusives and cuts with scratches that will make you itch for a turntable.

Download:Dj Young C The Ways Of The Underground

Off Key Tees

Heres a great website created by a friend of minds for all your offkey t-shirts you can wear.

Mixtape Jumpoff-Wale More About Nothing

Its a funny parody of the Seinfeld show the cover of Wale's new mixtape More About Nothing mixed my Dj Omega. Its great to see an artist like Wale doing tours and still has time for a mixtape.

Mixtape Jumpoff-Game Brake Lights

I been gone for awhile had some tecjnical difficulties with my pc but i'm back with a new mixtape by Game and Dj Skee Brake Lights courtesy of XXL.