Friday, August 20, 2010

The Message Behind Kanye West "POWER"

This might be the hardest hip hop track to this day made by the man Kanye West "POWER". Its deep if you a real hip hop head to see Kanye blow up from the 90's working under his big brother Jay-Z and signing to the Roc and now world renown. To see a man like Kanye West to have everything but to have lost everything like his mother (may she rest in peace) to the game, some wonder did Kanye really sell his soul to Illumanati. Some say he did and with youtube videos posted of subliminal messages behind Kanye's music and persana. In his latest work of art supposely dropping soon with his hit single "POWER" one can say Kanye holds a lot. peep the video link of "POWER"

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